To create a centre of academic excellence in education and research through professionalism and to serve the society by improving knowledge skill and ethical values.


To aspire and strive for excellence in education and to commit the knowledge and expertise of teaching fraternity for the welfare of the students and prosperity of the society.

  • Promoting knowledge and skills of learners.
  • Awakening social consciousness among students.
  • Uploading the rich cultural heritage and the secular ideals of our nation.
  • Developing wholesome personality of students.
  • Preparing learners for better career options.


Smt. D.Suguna

Secretary, Pioneer College.


  • D/o Cavalier Sri G.K.Devarajulu Naidu,Coimbatore.
  • Daughter-in-Law of Sri.G.R.Govindharajulu Naidu, Coimbatore.
  • Born on 2nd November 1944 at Coimbatore.
  • Schooling in Stanes Higher Secondary School.
  • PUC at Nirmala College.
  • Married in 1963 to Sri.G.Devarajan.
  • Served as Hon.Treasurer Guild of services for 30 years.
  • Member of Women Voluntary service.
  • Served 2 years as Hon.Magistrate at the Jervenile Delingent Home.
  • Founder and Hon.Secretary Ladies Circle of India.
  • President of Ladies Circle No.1,Coimbatore.
  • Served as Managing Director, Chandra Textiles for 10 years.
  • Served as Executive, The Coimbatore Pioneer Mills Ltd for 15 years.
  • Director of GR Govindharajulu & Sons Charities for 30 years.
  • Presently the Managing Trustee of G.R.G.Foundation & Pioneer Trust.
  • Vice President of Association of Self Financing Arts and Science and Management Colleges of Tamilnadu.
  • Vice President of Association of Managements of Private Education Colleges, Coimbatore Region.


Pioneer College of Arts and Science aims at Quality Education by focusing on innovative and Integrated Teaching Techniques are used for enriching knowledge, improving skills, character moulding and harmonizing the values essential for the present Global Competitiveness and Competence.

The Goal of Integrated learning is achieved through providing congenial atmosphere, developing faculty skills and providing necessary facilities at an affordable learning cost.


Take PRIDE in how far you have come.

Have FAITH in how far you can go.

Feel happy about your achievements and have faith in your future accomplishments.

With best wishes to all.

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